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Reap the benefits of using oils on your skin

For many, the idea of putting oils on your skin is slightly frightening as oily skin often means mild breakouts or acne. If we think back to historic times, oils such as argan, olive, and almond oil were THE skincare secret. According to recent studi...

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Vitamin C – topical, oral or both?

Vitamin C is one of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants. Also known as ascorbic acid, it is water soluble, helps protect from free radicals, and is vital for the body to produce collagen – the protein that helps wounds heal. However, humans lack the...

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What vitamin C can do for the skin

The benefits of vitamin C for our bodies and nutritional health is a more common topic of conversation than the benefits of vitamin C and how it can enhance skin health. We know that vitamin C promotes healthy bones and teeth, boosts overall immunity...

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Why is Retinol the must-have ingredient?

We’ve all heard the word retinol but safe to say very few people are certain as to what it actually means. And safe to say people don’t know it can do wonders for your skin. Retinol is often used as the technical name for Vitamin A and, while this co...

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