Can I buy pHformula products online? -

Our products are only available from pHformula skin specialists at your local skin centers.

Where can I find pricing on pHformula products? -

Please contact your nearest pHformula skin specialist or skin centre for pricing on our products.

What skincare workshops do you offer at The Skin Academy in Barcelona? -

You are most welcome to email - they will assist you with your training requirements

Do you test your products on animals? -

pHformula’s products are not tested on animals, nor do the ingredient suppliers test on animals. We do not state this on the packaging as the product is made in Europe and our regulations entails no testing on animals.

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Why is my skin not peeling or flaking after a resurfacing treatment? -

Resurfacing does not focus on superficial irritation that traditional peeling does. Flaking or peeling is not the end result. If flaking is experienced, the contributing reason is the sloughing off of excessive dead skin cells due to the internal regenerating effect of pHformula resurfacing.

Are the products still working although my skin is not flaking? -

Yes, they definitely are still working. The improvement of resurfacing is from inside the cells towards the outer layers of the skin, meaning that flaking is not the end result but rather regenerative support.

Should I use a SPF daily even if I do not go out into the sun? -

Yes, you should. Overhead lighting, laptop light and mobile phone light, all contribute to UV damage. pHformula has specific formulations tailored for indoor and outdoor protection

Why do I not need a toner after the EXFO cleanse? -

pHformula works with acids as an elemental ingredient group. For this reason, the skin’s pH remains acidic. Typical cosmetic preparations use toner to change the skin’s pH back to acidic after alkaline cleansing methods. As pHformula does not do this, a toner is not needed. This saves you having to follow numerous steps in your skincare routine.

How often should I apply SPF during the day? -

When in direct sunlight or when exposed to water, reapplication should be done at least every 2 hours.

Why can I not use a product with a SPF in as a night cream? -

A night cream is formulated to regenerate the skin during sleep and it does not need SPF protection which is often a physical or chemical protection against sun.

Why should the E.X.F.O. cleanse be applied dry to the skin? -

The urea in the product assists in lifting dirt, make-up and toxins when in a dry form. This allows the product to remove substances from within the pores. Once this is done, water should be added to activate the Papaya enzyme to get a gentle exfoliation benefit.

Are serums important? Where do they fit into my skin regime -

Serums are formulated for a specific skin concern and for additional support when needed for specific skin functions. In pHformula, protons are always applied first. Your chosen recovery product should be applied first, then a serum and then your moisturiser and/or SPF product.

Why does my skin sometimes break out after a treatment? -

Acne skin is a combination of excessive dead skin cell build up, bacteria and oil. In order for the products to influence decreased oil production through decreasing the oil gland size and normalised cell turnover, the current congestion needs to be removed. This may cause initial break-outs but with pHformula’s regeneration support the skin clears quickly and heals well.

Does pHformula use parabens as preservatives? -

pHformula’s focus remains on creating optimal skin health and therefore parabens are not used in our products.

Can pHformula be used on all photo types? -

Yes, pHformula is ideal for all phototypes, genders and ages.

Can all age groups use pHformula and how young can you start? -

When there is a skin condition or disorder it means that the skin is not functioning as it should. When this happens, no matter the age, pHformula can be used.

Does pHformula cause congestion in pores? -

All pHformula products are non comedogenic

Is pHformula an oil free range? -

Oil based products are needed for specific skin disorders like when dealing with an impaired skin barrier. pHformula’s range of products are prescription dependent, meaning that your skin specialist will prescribe the correct product based on your specific skin needs.

How safe is the Retinol in the C.C. cream SPF30+ for daytime use? -

Retinol is a powerful anti-oxidant which is imperative for skin protection during the day. At the concentration used in this product, it will not make the skin sun sensitive.

Can pHformula be used during pregnancy or breast feeding? -

When pregnant or breastfeeding, your doctor should be consulted before using any product.

What is the shelf life of the pHformula product range? -

Each product shows a “jar” with a month period, for example 24m. This indicates the shelf life of a product once opened, meaning that in this example, the product will remain active and safe for 24 months after opening.
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